Our Center gives all types of services in certification  of commodities and equipment in Ukraine. Procedure of certification foresees realization by the independent  empowered organ of the proper procedures which confirm accordance of goods and services to the certain requirements and standards.  Delivery of certificate of accordance is its result. If you must get a certificate that actually, certification,  which confirms quality of Your commodity or favour, and also is the family by admission to the market of Ukraine, is Center of the quality management "SERTYAKIST" will help you to do it effectively and in the compressed terms.

Now there is the system of obligatory and voluntarily certification in Ukraine. Our Center will help you to get all necessary documents after certification of products or services and in the first, and in second case. We provide services in the complex decision of problem of certification in Ukraine of products of some kind with delivery of certificate  of accordance in the state system UkrSEPRO, and also other types of necessary document. For passing of procedure  of confirmation of accordance of products you will must only give the necessary package of documents.

Due to that we effectively co-operate with the Ukrainian organs from certification, and also with other organizations which function in different systems managements and authorities, we can execute the task put by a client not only successfully but also maximally operatively.

At you does not need to perfection to study the mechanism of conducting  of certification in Ukraine. All necessary information on registration of certificate in the UkrSEPRO system exactly on Your products, and also list of necessary documents and bill of goods and services which are subject in Ukraine to obligatory certification, you can get, appealing to us after consultation which we with pleasure will give you.

Our Center selects aspiration always to find the variant of receipt of the Ukrainian certificates of accordance most desired for a client on products which is supplied or is made in Ukraine.

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